elements has developed a reputation for merging traditional advertising with niche marketing, with the emphasis on understanding the environment within which brands look for growth, sustainability and profitability. elements has developed its own unique models through its approach to traditional advertising /niche marketing, built on the following benefits to our clients:

• a unique understanding of the diverse communities living across our great land
• relevant and groundbreaking creative
• a unique understanding of traditional and alternative media disciplines
• brand building capacity

Our through-the-line or integrated approach is totally focused on creative brand building and has over the years been fine-tuned to deliver the most cost-effective and relevant marketing strategies. We have a greater responsibility to our clients and partners, to provide exceptional service and to deliver results of the highest standard. Our approach to achieve this lies within our name - elements. To understand and implement a strategy, one has to harness its most fundamental ideas. Only then can they be embraced to create holistic solutions that are entirely suited to a brand and its target market. In essence we are about developing the right formulas by using key elements.

To illustrate in a tangible form, and entrench our understanding of the so-called emerging market in relation to consumer behaviour, Louis Itumeleng Seeco, personally conducted a Brandpilgrimage. for a period of 18 months, from February 2003 to August 2004 – the aim of this journey was to kick-start a process that would turn our understanding of these target markets into intimate marketable knowledge. elements has since utilised the cultural trends and insights recorded in the first Brandpilgrimage to scientifically measure and allocate prevalence to create a cultural audience segmentation tool due to its ability to offer more holistic picture than the LSM system (Living Standard Measurement). Therefore we can proudly claim to not only understand these audiences, but also to know how to approach them in relation to advertising, niche marketing and other brand-building disciplines.