elements has a proud history in marketing and traditional advertising. But in the spirit of innovation and offering unique solutions to answer the challenges our country faces, we continually broaden our scope.

We continue to make inroads into the African continent and have recently forged an alliance with a sister company, ATL Advertising Techniques Limited, an advertising agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

As a move to give clients strategic media exposure independent of mainstream advertising, we opened a sister company, elements Brand PR, to safeguard our clients in the market place by assisting them with stakeholder relations, crisis management, public relations, event management, market research, strategic communications, promotions, media placements, and corporate and identity image, to strengthen their offerings.

elements has proven strength in:
• Strategy development
• Targeted creative executions
• Design
• Targeted media placements
• Systematic public relations
• Events management
• Website design, Animation and Hosting

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